Years & Years’ “King” Video: Watch Olly Alexander Get Pulled In Multiple Directions

Robbie Daw | January 20, 2015 7:06 am
Years & Years' "Desire" Video
UK-based trio Years & Years reveal their desires.

British dance-pop act Years & Years pick up where their 2014 house single “Desire” left off with the synth-heavy “King,” a lush track that should deservedly catapult these guys into the mainstream. In the song’s Los Angeles-set music video, we see frontman Olly Alexander and his bandmates being haunted by a grabby group of dancers decked out in white tees and pants.

At times it looks like poor, confused Olly has landed in the midst of some creepy yoga class he never meant to attend, as the dancers contort their bodies into poses all around him. Eventually he’s lifted up and carried outside.

Can the singer navigate his way through the struggles that push and pull us around? Watch above to find out.

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