Coachella 2015: Marina And The Diamonds Joins Clean Bandit To Debut New Song “Disconnect”

Christina Lee | April 12, 2015 8:25 am
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Marina Diamandis, a.k.a Marina and the Diamonds, joined Clean Bandit yesterday (April 11) on stage at Coachella for the live debut of a song they wrote together, titled “Disconnect.”

To Clean Bandit’s thumping bass and electric guitar licks — more of a disco throwback than the ’90s house that the Grammy-winning group usually tackles — Diamandis sings in “Disconnect” of calling her exes. She’d rather cut those ties than rekindle any of those relationships, and shut her phone off than stare at the glowing screen, though she’s afraid to do so. “Feel my battery running low, I don’t want to be alone,” she repeats throughout.

“I’ve done a few sessions lately. We’ll see how it goes,” the singer said in March, when we at Idolator asked of any upcoming collaborations. She admitted that working with another artist can be strange (“It’s like giving your message to someone else”), though clearly, working with Clean Bandit turned out for the best.

“Disconnect” is reportedly featured in Clean Bandit’s sophomore album. Watch the live debut below.

[via Ultimate Music]

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