Fire In The Hamptons’ “Chosen Ones” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | April 29, 2015 8:09 am

Need a pick-me-up before the week winds down? Look no further than Fire In The Hamptons’ uplifting video for “Chosen Ones,” the title song off the Los Angeles-based band’s latest EP.

With FITH lead singer Zack Arnett’s repeated refrain of “no one can break my heart / no one can break us apart,” not to mention the single’s accompanying visual displaying people from a multitude of different walks of life, it’s clear the buoyant, synth-rock banger “Chosen Ones” is an anthem for the underdog in all of us.

“‘Chosen Ones’ is about being powerful; it’s about believing in yourself with authority no matter who you are or how you appear; it’s about finding yourself and embracing the rugged edges with all your heart,” Arnett tells Idolator. “The making of the music video was like a live action version of the song. It felt like the words were coming alive everyday from casting the actors, to the final performance. It was all about people coming together and expressing themselves with no fear.”

Kick your insecurities and self-doubt to the curb and watch Fire In The Hamptons’ “Chosen Ones” video above.

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