Gwen Stefani Is Making Progress On That Long-Overdue Third LP: “I Have Close To Ten Songs”

Mike Wass | September 9, 2015 4:46 pm
Gwen Stefani's "Spark The Fire" Video
Gwen Stefani throws a wild, emoji-filled party in her "Spark The Fire" video.

Gwen Stefani’s long-overdue third LP was originally supposed to arrive in December, 2014. That date turned out to be unrealistic and the No Doubt diva subsequently told Ryan Seacrest that she needed to spend a little more time on the project. That interview took place in January and the nine-years-in-the-making opus is still nowhere to be seen/heard. But don’t lose faith. The 45-year-old reveals that the album is slowly coming together!

“I’m literally writing like I’ve never written, I think ever,” Gwen told Too Fab. “Every time I go in the studio…. when I’ve gone in, every single time I have written a song.” How many future hits are hiding on her laptop? “I have close to ten songs, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s over a very short amount of time,” she revealed. “So I am in a really good place for writing.”

“I have never been in a place… where all I want to do is get in the studio,” the L.A.M.B. hitmaker continued. “It was always like a chore… [now] it’s an opposite, it’s like I gotta get in the studio. When is there time, you know? Every time I go, I know I’m going to have a song and every time I have a song I get to play it really loud in my car and it’s really fun.” I’m glad Gwen has found her studio groove. Perhaps that will translate into better material than “Spark The Fire.” I’m keeping my fingers crossed because pop radio could really do with her flair and originality.

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[Via Too Fab].