A Kanye West x Weezer Mashup Album Exists: Stream ‘Yeezer’

Carl Williott | October 6, 2015 10:14 am

A college sophomore has made an entire album of Kanye West and Weezer mashups, and while The Grey Album this is not — it’s not even a specific album-to-album mashup — it does occasionally rise above the novelty aspect. Alex Hodowanec of Ohio State University is responsible for this mashup feat, which he gave the genius title Yeezer.

The fact that this kid told Radio.com he thinks “Beverly Hills” is the most iconic Weezer song raised all kinds of red flags for me, since that is nonsense of the highest order. But my skepticism was lessened on opener “Through The Hills,” which matches the lumbering rock strut of that late-era Weezer single with Kanye’s legendary “Through The Wire” tale. “The Girl Got BLKKK” gives “Black Skinhead” a surprising power-pop twist thanks to “The Girl Got Hot.” “American Island” takes Estelle‘s “American Boy” and gives it the “Island In The Sun” arrangement resulting in a surprisingly effective summer nugget that’s really not too far removed from “FourFiveSeconds.”

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Some of it is clunky and disjointed as hell (see: “The Buddy Holly Workout Plan”) and dude’s gotta brush up on pitch-shifting, but it’s still a fun listen. Hear all 10 tracks below.

[via MTV]