Ladies, Now’s Your Chance To Apply To Be In M83

Carl Williott | February 3, 2016 3:08 pm

Anthony Gonzalez is prepping the release of his “epic” new M83 album, and while he hasn’t revealed much, he did mention that longtime bandmember Morgan Kibby wasn’t involved this time. And so now he’s on the hunt for a new singer-keyboardist for the touring band, and it literally could be you. If you’re female.

“Back in 2011 I opened up the search for a musician to join the M83 tour,” he wrote in a statement. “That turned out to be Jordan Lawlor who played with us all over the world and is still in the band! This time I am looking for a female singer who can also play keyboard to join us.”

Gonzazlez is soliciting applications from anyone out there on the internet who meets the requirements (“available to join M83 rehearsals in Los Angeles in March,” “must own a valid passport for the next 2 years,” etc.). If you fit the bill and have always dreamed of being a part of a beloved synth-pop band, then you can apply right here.