The Good, The Bad & The Hilarious: 13 Essential Prince Proteges

Mike Wass | April 21, 2016 4:56 pm
Prince Dead At 57
Legendary pop star Prince has died at age 57. We reflect on his incredible impact.

Prince was not only a prolific artist in his own right, he also lent his genius to a long list of proteges. It was a habit that started early in his career when he put together R&B/funk band The Time, which included future production heavyweights Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The group experienced significant chart success, as did “The Glamorous Life” diva Sheila E and frequent collaborator Sheena Easton. (They duetted together twice and he regularly penned songs for her).

Others were more notorious than successful. Vanity 6 will go down as one of the raunchiest girl groups in pop history, while a later incarnation of the trio, Apollonia 6, pushed the envelope even further. Then there is the long list of ex-lovers, girlfriends and spouses that benefitted from Prince’s creativity. Unfortunately, this resulted in a couple of absolute stinkers. (See Matye’s awful Child Of The Sun). Get to know 13 essential proteges up top.

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