Is Ed Sheeran’s New Album Titled ‘Divide’?

Christina Lee | January 2, 2017 11:45 am
Ed Sheeran Returns
The earnest singer-songwriter ended his social media hiatus by coming back (in blue).

UPDATE: Listen to Ed’s two new singles, “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You.”

Ed Sheeran sparked a frenzy on New Year’s Day, when he revealed that new music will come this week. Now the earnest singer-songwriter may be teasing a new album title, too.

The point of a video posted today (January 2) was to announce that the first of Ed’s latest arrives Friday, January 6 at 5 a.m. GMT/midnight EST. (He even apparently launched a new website to commemorate the date.) But diehard fans have also noticed how the clip’s flashing graphics resemble a division (÷) sign.

While Ed has only released two albums, their titles have a running theme: math. His 2011 debut was +, pronounced “plus.” (The logic behind that was actually incredibly simple. “No one, that I’m aware of, has called their album +,” he says.) Its 2014 follow-up, x, was pronounced “multiply.”

In an interview last year, Entertainment Weekly asked whether – (“subtract”) or ÷ (“divide”) could be future album titles. “They’re the two choices,” Ed said. “But I don’t know what direction the album’s gonna go in yet. Every title has its own theme. x was called ‘multiply’ because it made everything that was on + bigger. From the venues to the songs to the radio plays to the sales.”

See Ed Sheeran’s teasers for his new music below.

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