Sam Hunt Drops Moody Buzz Single “Drinkin’ Too Much”

Mike Wass | January 3, 2017 6:04 pm
Sam Hunt Conquers 'Seth Meyers'
Sam Hunt performs "Break Up In A Small Town" on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.'

Sam Hunt was the breakout star of 2014/2015 with million-selling debut LP, Montevallo, and five consecutive platinum singles. He also proved that new country (pop hooks and genre-bridging production) isn’t necessarily a bad thing as evidenced by two Grammy Awards nominations including Best New Artist. After a well-deserved break, the 32-year-old is back with a new buzz track called “Drinkin’ Too Much.” And it sounds like a sequel — or epilogue — to 2015 crossover hit “Break Up In A Small Town.”

“I’m sorry I named the album Montevallo,” Sam tells his ex in a trademark spoken verse. “And I’m sorry people know your name now, strangers hit you up on social media… I know you want your privacy and you’ve got nothing to say to me.” The song is the musical equivalent of a drunk text you will (probably) regret in the morning with an admission of cheating and an emotional plea to be taken back. It’s raw and unruly, but cements the hitmaker’s status as one of country’s most original talents. Listen to “Drinkin’ Too Much” below.

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