Future Hit: Astrid S Drops Slinky Electro-Pop Anthem “Breathe”

Mike Wass | March 9, 2017 8:31 pm

Astrid S generated huge buzz in 2016 with icy synth-pop anthem “Hurts So Good” and a feature on Matoma’s “Running Out.” Don’t be surprised if she take things to the next level with “Breathe.” The first taste of the Norwegian’s debut album arrives on Friday (March 10) and it’s a ruthlessly catchy banger. “If I could just inhale some chill, it’s like I’m living out in space, how am I still here?” the 20-year-old ponders. “Did you slip me a magic pill? You got me lifted like an astronaut, no helmet on and my lungs just stop.”

That takes us to the massive chorus, which is bigger and bolder than anything we’ve heard from Astrid in the past. “When I see you I forget to breathe, I forget to breathe, I forget to breathe, I forget to when I’m with you.” It’s good to see the rising star taking some chances with her sound. We know she can do ethereal electronica, but this has more bite and positions her as a good candidate for pop radio airplay. You can stream “Breathe” below.

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