BTS Reinvent Themselves On Candy-Coated EDM Banger “DNA”

Jacques Peterson | September 18, 2017 12:41 pm
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The biggest boy band in the world is back. Fresh off of wins at the Billboard Music Awards and Teen Choice Awards, K-Pop chart-toppers BTS returned with a vengeance on Monday with the jam-packed EP Love Yourself: Her and new single “DNA.”

At a time when the world, and America in particular, is watching, you might expect BTS to play it safe with more of the angsty urban-pop that has turned them into global superstars. Instead, they have done a 180 with “DNA” and gone for fizzy, candy-coated EDM. The banger has a lot of the trendy trademarks of today’s pop music — Avicii acoustic guitars, whistles, and a lurching instrumental breakdown for a chorus — but BTS spin it all together in a way that feels far from derivative.

Expectations for this release are high. The album itself has already sold over a million copies in pre-orders alone, while BTS have said that their personal goal this era is to crack the Hot 100. “DNA” is easily the band’s best song since “I Need U,” so don’t be surprised if you BTS further infiltrating the global pop scene over the next few months. They’re basically unstoppable at this point, so you may as well bite the bullet and join the ARMY – you won’t regret it. Check out “DNA” below.

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