Kelly Clarkson Uncovers The “Meaning Of Life” On New Buzz Track

Mike Nied | October 19, 2017 3:46 pm
Kelly Clarkson's 'Meaning Of Life' Cover
Kelly Clarkson unveils the cover of 8th LP, 'Meaning Of Life.'

Kelly Clarkson has returned to her soulful roots as she gears up to release her forthcoming eighth studio album. The 35-year-old finds purpose in a lover’s arms on the project’s title track, “Meaning of Life.” She unleashed the song today (October 19), and it features another outpouring of adoration for a partner who filled her life with passion.

“Baby I’ve been living in the dark. The only friend I’ve got here is my broken heart,” she declares in the opening lines. Fortunately, she finds someone who brings light to her life. “When you hold me, I finally see. When you say love, I know what it means,” she sings with passion as things swell underneath her. It is another predictably sublime vocal performance from Kelly, and she has truly rediscovered her sound over the blazing production.

The hitmaker revealed that “Meaning of Life” was a leftover from 2015’s Piece by Piece in a recent interview on Valentine in the Morning. With a writing credit from James Morrison and production from Jesse Shatkin, she feared the soulful anthem would get lost amongst the glistening pop that comprised her last LP. Instead, she decided to save it and build her latest project around the soaring song.

Her latest buzz track fits in nicely with the project’s lead single, “Love So Soft” and the first buzz track, “Move You.” She has been hitting all the right notes so far, and it seems safe to assume that the project will be one of the stronger releases of 2017 when it drops next week (October 27). Give the track a listen below.

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