Florence + The Machine Stun On New Song “Sky Full Of Song”

Mike Nied | April 12, 2018 2:13 pm

Florence + The Machine are predictably stunning on their new single “Sky Full Of Song.” Released today (April 12), it will be included on a limited edition vinyl out later this month. Over a subtle production, frontwoman Florence Welch delivers an impassioned vocal performance. “How deeply are you sleeping or are you still awake? A good friend told me you’ve been staying out so late. Be careful, oh, my darling. Oh, be careful what it takes. From what I’ve seen so far, the good ones always seem to break,” she warns on the opening lines. Teaming up with A.G. Rojas for a video, it is an equally striking release. Shot largely in black and white, Flo effortlessly emotes for the camera.

“This was a song that just fell out of the sky fully formed,” Flo said of the track in a press release. “Sometimes when you are performing you get so high, it’s hard to know how to come down. There is this feeling of being cracked open, rushing endlessly outwards and upwards, and wanting somebody to hold you still, bring you back to yourself. It’s an incredible, celestial, but somehow lonely feeling.” On the vinyl, “Sky Full Of Song” will be backed by a recording of “New York poem (for Polly),” which is included on Welch’s book Useless Magic. The vinyl will be available as of April 21. While we wait to pick up a copy, check out the video up top!

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