Britney Spears Announces New Lifestyle & Fashion Merchandise Line

Mike Nied | April 24, 2018 3:19 pm

Britney Spears announced plans to expand her personal brand by uniting with Epic Rights to launch the Britney Spears Lifestyle program. Announced today (April 24), the new project is a line of merchandise ranging from fashion apparel and accessories to hair care, exercise gear and electronics. It should arrive on online retailers such as Amazon by the spring of 2019 according to WWD. “I am excited to collaborate with Epic Rights to create a new contemporary lifestyle collection,” the 36-year-old icon said of the venture.

Longtime manager Larry Rudolph also opened up about the opportunity and what it means for Brit moving forward. “We see this new lifestyle collection as Britney’s next step in connecting with her legions of loyal fans around the globe.” He went on to add that it would provide an opportunity to share more of herself with fans. “Sharing her style and fashion sense through products she has developed is a testament to her authenticity as well as her commitment to and appreciation of the fans that have made it all possible.”

Del Furano, chief executive officer of Epic Rights commented on the opportunity to work with the global superstar. “Britney continues to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world with numerous multiplatinum records and awards over the past 20 years. As a passionate artist, successful businesswoman and devoted mother, her strive for excellence is unparalleled.”

This is the “Slumber Party” diva’s latest foray into merchandise following a collaboration with French fashion house Kenzo last month. Meanwhile, she continues to have great success with her perfume brand, which is rumored to be a billion dollar empire. In 2014 she also unveiled The Intimate Collection, a line of lingerie. It will be interesting to see what her latest collection looks like. But it is refreshing to see her expanding her brand to encompass products such as exercise equipment considering her passion for posting workout videos on her very iconic Instagram. With any luck, this will be Brit’s most personal line to date.

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