Christina Aguilera Poses For ‘W’ Magazine, Talks Kanye West & ‘The Voice’

Mike Wass | May 16, 2018 3:29 pm
Christina Aguilera Returns With 'Accelerate'
Xtina is ready to reclaim her throne! The pop icon is back with a sexy new single.

Christina Aguilera tells it like it is a new interview with W Magazine. For starters, the comeback queen doesn’t hold back about her stint on The Voice. “I signed on to a show where the blind audition element was something interesting, something genuine. After a while, though, you start to see that everyone is good-looking,” she laughs. “It wasn’t a comfortable place for me to be, where I’m just part of a money-making machine. When I stop believing in something, then it’s like, What am I doing here?”

The “Twice” singer was happy to see Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton find love on the show, however. “I actually think it’s really cute Blake and Gwen found love in that chaotic environment,” Christina says, before adding, “I fought for a long time to get two females in the chairs. And, for a long time, I was just told it wasn’t the demographic. But just know that I was a fighter behind the scenes.” The 37-year-old has much better memories of working with Kanye West on Liberation tracks “Accelerate” and “Maria.”

“Kanye, you know, he says things,” Xtina says in relation to his recent social media outbursts and controversial TMZ appearance. “His mind works in mysterious ways.” She does believe in his sincerity, however. “You can feel it in his beats. It’s genuine. It feels like his truth, even if it’s not going to go over well,” the hitmaker muses. “He just has a different way of thinking… you get the sense, though, that there’s a good guy there. Sometimes we’re all just a little misunderstood.” Click through the pics that accompanied the interview up top.

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