Kylie Minogue Returns To Dance-Pop On Sigala’s “What You Waiting For”

Mike Wass | September 28, 2018 12:09 am
Kylie Minogue's 'Golden': Album Review
We dissect Kylie's country-pop reinvention on 2018's very good 'Golden.'

As much as I love Golden, nothing showcases Kylie Minogue’s unique genius quite like dance-pop. It’s the ability to bring a burst of pure joy or an unexpected whiff of melancholy to an otherwise straightforward banger that sets her apart. The Aussie hitmaker returns to her true calling on “What You Waiting For,” one of the many blissful bops on Sigala’s just-released Brighter Days LP. This was going to be the lead single for KM14 before she discovered country, and it’s clearly inspired by her breakup with then-fiancé Joshua Sasse.

The overarching theme here is communication, specifically the desire to know where you stand. “I’ll be your love, turn your broken heart into gold,” Kylie coos over chunky house beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on her 1991 offering, Let’s Get To It. “So what you waiting for?” While seemingly euphoric on the surface, you can also sense a lingering frustration as the epic chorus unfolds. “You got that touch, you could start a fire in my soul,” she belts. “So tell me what you waiting for?” I’m not sure if it’s as instant as “Dancing” or (the unsung hero of Golden) “Live A Little,” but it sure is a nice addition to any Kylie playlist.

Stream “What You Waiting For” below and join me in praying for Ms. Minogue’s full-time return to the genre she does better than anyone else.

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