Marina Returns With The Lush, Typically Poetic “Handmade Heaven”

Mike Wass | February 8, 2019 12:00 pm

UPDATE: Marina ventures into nature in her gorgeous “Handmade Heaven” video, which just premiered. Watch it below!

Marina Announces 'Handmade Heaven'
The Brit is returning with a new single called 'Handmade Heaven.'

And she’s back! Marina (now sans The Diamonds) returns to the pop fold with an ethereal tune called “Handmade Heaven.” Produced by Joel Little, who is best known for shaping Lorde’s Grammy-winning Pure Heroine, this electro-lullaby finds the Brit at her most poetic and serene. “I envy the birds high up in the trees, they live out their lives so purposefully,” she begins the song. “I envy the spiders, the squirrels and seeds, they all find their way automatically.”

Only instead of plunging into darkness (as she has so frequently in the past), Marina finds an element of peace in the soothing chorus. “But in this handmade heaven, I come alive,” the comeback queen coos. “Bluebirds forever color the sky.” It’s achingly pretty and not at all indicative of what’s in store for us on her 4th LP, reportedly-titled Love + Fear. “When people hear the first song they’ll probably think ‘Oh, I think I know what this album is gonna sound like,'” she mused on Twitter. “But they have noooooo idea.”

Bask in the glory of Marina’s “Handmade Heaven” below.

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