Shakespears Sister Makes A Comeback With “All The Queen’s Horses”

Mike Wass | May 15, 2019 6:48 pm
Shakespears Sister Is Making A Comeback
The duo is releasing a new single called 'All The Queens Horses' from a new best-of.

And they’re back! Shakespears Sister returns with a new single called “All The Queens Horses.” Happily, time and multiple partnership-dissolving feuds haven’t dimmed Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit’s creative connection. In fact, this breezy, country-tinged pop song finds them in fine form. “You came to me with promises you’d never keep, and words like iron roses — thorns that cut so deep,” they sing in the pre-chorus. “All the queen’s horses, all the queen’s men, they couldn’t put us together again.”

Given their Americana-flavored comeback, it’s only fitting that the black-and-white visual reference classic westerns and the (previous) bad blood between the duo. “I think what [director Sophie Muller] did with it [was bring] a sense of healing… and being okay with the whole drama that ensued between us,” Marcy explains. “Shakespears Sister musically is me and Marcy, but visually, it’s me, Marcy and Sophie,” Siobhan concurs. “Without her, a big part of the artistry and the story would be missing.”

“All The Queen’s Horses” is one of two new songs on the “Stay” hitmakers’ upcoming greatest hits album, Singles Party (due July 19). Watch the video up top.

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