Maluma & Madonna Reunite On Reggaeton Banger “Soltera”

Mike Wass | May 17, 2019 12:28 am
Madonna & Maluma's 'Medellín' Video
The Queen of Pop's blockbuster 'Medellín' video is a rousing act of rebellion.

Maluma and Madonna reunite on “Soltera,” one of the standout tracks on the Colombian superstar’s just-released 11:11. However, this reggaeton-banger strikes a very different chord. While “Medellín” is perhaps best classified a feverish love song, this tune finds the Queen of Pop celebrating her independence. “I told you not to waste your time, I’m not a girl you’ll drink like wine,” Madame X croons in the opening verse. “If you press pause then I’ll retreat, I will not grovel at your feet.” Amen to that.

The 25-year-old takes care of the chorus and throws in a multitude of ad-libs, but Madonna is the emotional core of this collaboration. “Please don’t fall in love with me, I would rather be set free,” the living legend declares over frenzied reggaeton beats. “I cannot give you my all, I will not make myself small for nobody.” Amusingly, in what is surely a nod to the iconic “slow down, papi” lyric in “Medellín,” Madonna ends the song with a simple: “Ciao, papi.” Listen to the odd couple’s latest duet below.

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