Another Bop! Tiffany Young Returns With “Run For Your Life”

Mike Nied | October 25, 2019 10:00 am

UPDATE: Tiffany Young teamed up with Cedric Gervais for a must-hear remix of “Run For Your Life.” Check it out below.

Tiffany Young is back! The talented 30-year-old blessed our ears with a string of mega-catchy bops over the course of the year. That includes her Lips On Lips EP (the title track in particular is a loved-up delight) and dreamy, disco-infused “Magnetic Moon.” Today (October 11), she switches up her sound with “Run For Your Life.” On it she reunites with Fernando Garibay. And the iconic producer creates an ominous soundscape reminiscent of some of the pop fare of the late ’00s and early ’10s (think Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been”). Those forbidding beats pair nicely with the powerful lyrics.

“Way that I move got the whole world watchin’. I’m in a mood, and I don’t wanna hide it,” Tiffany chants. “Blue chills and white shivers. I’m ice cold baby on an ocean of glitter.” That leads into the simple and very direct chorus and later an electrifying guitar solo. Where did the diva find inspiration for the song? She opened up in a press release. “This song is a mood from the deepest darkest part of my subconscious,” she explained. “Where survival mode switches on & I run and fight and shine knowing this is worth LIVING for. Every hurdle sparks the fire inside me.”

“This song is the ambition inside you, where you will do anything you can & run towards it like your life depends on it.” That’s not all, though. Tiffany paired “Run For Your Life” with a glossy video. That finds the hitmaker serving a bevy of edgy looks and choreography courtesy of Brian Friedman. Seeing her slay the dance moves makes the prospect of her Magnetic Moon Tour even more exciting. Toss in some chains, and you’ve got the formula for a must-see. Give it a view and familiarize yourself with the bop below.

You can also check out a dance video featuring more of Brian’s choreography here and tour dates here.

Music Video

Cedric Gervais Remix

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