JoJo Gets Very Real On Hard-Hitting New Single, “Joanna”

Mike Wass | October 11, 2019 12:00 pm

UPDATE 2: JoJo hopped online to clarify that she’s releasing an LP instead of an EP. Check out her tweet below.

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JoJo is back. Again! The vocal queen, who reemerged with Mad Love in 2016, has been lying relatively low of late. It turns out that she swapped labels (Warner Records is her new home) and has been processing her past. More specifically, the way her musical journey has been — and still is — appraised by both haters and well-intentioned fans. A situation she addresses on “Joanna,” the first taste of an upcoming EP. “You should date somebody famous, that’ll probably put you on the A-list,” the 28-year-old belts, parroting the (unwanted) advice she receives. “That’ll probably get you on them playlists, stop you being so damn underrated.”

It gets even realer as the song nears the chorus. “You peaked, sorry to get deep, but heard your story before — it’s not unique,” JoJo sings. “You’re sounding resentful, take a seat.” First of all, anyone with the audacity to disrespect Ms. Levesque like that can get well and truly fucked. Secondly, “Joanna” is a tantalizing first glimpse of the “When Love Hurts” hitmaker’s new era. It suggests that she’s returning to the rawness of her mixtapes, which is a very, very good thing. Listen to JoJo’s hard-hitting track below.

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