Lady Gaga Doesn’t Remember ‘ARTPOP,’ But Her Fans Do

Mike Wass | November 12, 2019 7:09 pm
Lost Hit: Lady Gaga's 'Gypsy'
Mother Monster missed out on a surefire hit with her anthemic 'Artpop' cut 'Gypsy.'

Lady Gaga has gone viral on Twitter for experiencing selective memory loss. “I don’t remember ARTPOP,” Mother Monster declared without further explanation. Of course, she’s referring to her polarizing third LP. Which is either a misunderstood masterpiece or her worst album depending on who you ask. It goes without saying that fans were not going to take this lying down and they reminded her of the wild and occasionally wonderful era with an outpouring of complimentary tweets.

When she’s not suffering from amnesia, Lady Gaga is slowly putting together LG6. The 33-year-old recently shared a studio pic with the caption “music” and told fans that she was “pregnant” with the project earlier this year. It will be interesting to hear what the “Shallow” hitmaker comes up with. Rumored collaborators include BloodPop, Mark Ronson, Boys Noize, DJ White Shadow and Sophie. In other words, all signs point to Gaga making a welcome return to electro-pop. See her tweet below.

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