Dua Lipa Tries Out A New Sound On The Title Track To ‘Future Nostalgia’

Mike Nied | December 13, 2019 12:49 am

Dua Lipa proves she is out to change the game with the release of “Future Nostalgia.” Arriving today (December 13), the title track to her sophomore album pushes the 24-year-old’s sound in a previously unexplored direction. And it’s a decision that certainly pays off. Laying her voice over a funky and forward-thinking production courtesy of Jeff Bhasker, she spits out self-assured lyrics. “I know you’re dying trying to figure me out. My name’s on the tip of your tongue, keep running your mouth. You want the recipe but can’t handle my sound.”

“No matter what you do, I’m gonna get it without it ya,” Dua declares. “I know you ain’t used to a female alpha.” Sonically, this is a drastic departure from the disco-inspired beats of lead single “Don’t Start Now.” While the latter sounds more like a traditional radio hit, it’s nice to see Dua taking some creative risks. It would be easy for the Best New Artist Grammy winner to drop a collection of tried and tested pop songs to secure a chart-topper. Instead, it’s clear that she’s doing things her own way.

One thing I know for sure is that I need to hear more of Future Nostalgia as soon as possible. In the meantime dive into the title track below.

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