Dua Lipa Launches Sophomore Era With Disco Anthem “Don’t Start Now”

Mike Wass | October 31, 2019 9:05 pm

UPDATE: The “Don’t Start Now” video is here. Check it out below.

Dua Lipa Teases 'Don't Start Now'
She's coming! The UK pop star shared a snippet of her brand new single.

Dua Lipa launches her sophomore era with a new single called “Don’t Start Now.” Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick (the mastermind behind “New Rules” and Selena Gomez’s recent “Look At Her Now”), the UK pop star’s new single is shimmery, disco throwback. “Did a full one-eighty, crazy thinking about the way I was,” she sings in the opening verse. “Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe, but look at where I ended up.” Like Gloria Gaynor, Dua has not only survived but thrived.

“If you don’t wanna see me dancing with somebody, if you wanna believe that anything could stop me,” the hitmaker taunts on the chorus. “Don’t show up, don’t come out, don’t start caring about me now.” With a glamorous visual on the way (it drops November 1), this could be another huge hit for Dua. After all, expectations are high given the worldwide success of songs like “New Rules,” “IDGAF,” “One Kiss” and “Electricity.” Listen to the 24-year-old in full disco mode below. This is the definition of a bop.

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