Aly & AJ Return With Ominous New Single “Attack Of Panic”

Mike Nied | February 10, 2020 1:27 pm

Last year Aly & AJ told us they hoped to drop a new album (their first since 2007’s Insomniatic) in 2020. And it looks like things are moving along according to schedule. Last week the Michalka sisters joined the New Music Friday line-up with an ominous single called “Attack Of Panic.” And it should have you very excited at the thought of the upcoming LP. Produced by CJ Baran and Ben Romans, the brooding track describes the feeling of succumbing to anxiety. “You sit back, relax. Everything attacks. Anxious, your heart rate is in a state.”

They lay it all out on the chorus. “There’s a panic in you. There’s a panic in myself. Talking heads inside us, and they try to bring me down.” AJ opened up about the song’s personal nature in an interview with Vanity Fair. “The idea of panic setting in is really, really visceral for Aly and I,” she explained. “Chaos is so relevant right now,” she added. “Especially as young women in our 20s and 30s figuring out where we want to go in life, who we want to be, how we’re looked at.” Meanwhile Aly teased plans for another song called “Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor.”

She described it as having a more “triumphant” sound. It will be interesting to see if it falls more in line with last year’s Sanctuary EP or if it pushes them in another direction. While we wait to hear that press play on “Attack Of Panic” and check out the Stephen Ringer-directed video below.

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