Double Release: Rebecca Black Returns With “Self Sabotage” & “Closer”

Mike Wass | March 12, 2020 2:26 pm

EDIT: The post has been updated with the streaming link for Rebecca’s two new singles. Listen below.

Rebecca Black will forever be known as the girl sitting in the back of that (obviously) not-moving car, celebrating “Friday” with her FRENS. And that’s ok. The singer’s 2011 viral hit is now widely acknowledged as a cult classic and she has released a steady of flow of good singles since then. Rebecca will add to her burgeoning discography tonight (March 12) with the release of two new songs — “Self Sabotage” and “Closer.” It’s always dangerous to infer too much from a cover, but the chic styling suggests a newfound sophistication.

“Self Sabotage” and “Closer” are the 22-year-old’s first releases of 2020. Rebecca was fairly prolific in 2019, delivering an electro-pop bop called “Anyway” as well as the mid-tempo “Sweetheart.” She also showcased her ever-improving vocals on the heartfelt ballad, “Do You.” The budding belter hasn’t released a larger body of work since 2017’s RE / BL, but hopefully that will change in 2020. Check out Rebecca’s announcement below.

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