The Dalai Lama Announces Debut Album ‘Inner World’

Mike Wass | June 10, 2020 1:21 pm

EDIT: The post has been updated with a streaming link for The Dalai Lama’s debut album. Listen to it in full below.

Given the endless cavalcade of horrors that is 2020, we could all do with a little peace and tranquility. And that’s what his holiness the Dalai Lama is hoping to provide with his debut album. Yes, the buddhist icon is releasing Inner World, a collection of mantras and teachings set to music, to celebrate his 85th birthday on July 6. “Music has the potential to reach many more people with the message that the real source of happiness is warm-heartedness and a concern for others,” the Dalai Lama explains.

“The very purpose of my life is to serve as much as I can,” he adds. “Music can help people in a way that I can’t.” The first track from Inner World is called “Compassion,” which finds the Dalai Lama reciting an ancient Tibetan prayer over peaceful panpipes and percussion. The album comes with a companion booklet penned by Robina Courtin, which reveals the benefits of the mantras — complete with artwork from Ella Brewer and Tiffany Singh. Check out the tracklist of Inner World and listen to “Compassion” below.

The Dalai Lama’s Inner World tracklist:

1. One Of My Favorite Prayers

2. The Buddha

3. Compassion

4. Courage

5. Ama La ft. Anoushka Shankar

6. Healing

7. Wisdom

8. Purification

9. Protection

10. Children

11. Humanity

Listen to Inner World:

The “Compassion” visualizer:

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