HONNE Returns With The Dreamy “no song without you”

Mike Wass | June 12, 2020 1:59 pm

HONNE has been keeping a low profile since unleashing Love Me / Love Me Not upon the world in 2018, but the UK duo is back with a new single called “no song without you.” A dreamy, loosely-structured love song that evokes ’60s Cali-pop, the Brits’ latest is utter bliss. “When I got into a fight and you stood right up for me — you save me, you save me,” Andy Clutterbuck croons over POMO’s airy production. “When I worry about some stupid shit, you always reassure me — you save me, you save me.”

As for the chorus, well, this is a song comprised of two verses or two choruses (however you prefer to think of it). Not that it matters. There are still hooks aplenty. “Ooooh, I’d be nothing without you,” Andy croons. “Ooooh, there’d be no song without you.” Why the departure from their trademark electronic sound? “It’s ok for things to sound a bit rough, rather than going into the studio and compressing guitars over and over,” HONNE explains. “The more character that you leave in it, the more the listener can dive in.” Watch the cute animated video below.

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