Sasha Sloan Introduces Her Debut Album With “Lie”

Mike Wass | August 7, 2020 12:13 am
Kygo & Sasha's 'I'll Wait'
Kygo reunites with Sasha Sloan on an emotional banger called 'I'll Wait.'

After dropping three perfect EPs, Sasha Sloan is finally ready to drop an album. The singer/songwriter introduces her much-anticipated debut LP, Only Child (due this fall), with a bittersweet bop called “Lie.” Produced by King Henry, the uncharacteristically-upbeat anthem is essentially about seeking refuge in denial. “Don’t sleep on the couch again, even though you took it for the weekend,” she begins over dreamy synths. “Kiss me like you wanna stay, even though you’re thinking about leaving.”

As the song unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that the shimmery soundscape is camouflaging something much darker. “I want you to lie, lie right to my face, want you to put your hands on my waist,” Sasha sings on the instantly-hummable chorus. “Can we just dance till the skies are white? ‘Cause I really can’t get my heart broken tonight.” Finding the sweet spot between happy and sad, “Lie” is a very, very promising sneak peek of one of the year’s most-anticipated albums. Fall in love with “Lie” below.

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