Yes, Demi Lovato Is ACTUALLY Teaming Up With Ariana Grande

Scott Croker | March 17, 2021 1:02 pm

There’s a lot of big news and heavy press surrounding Demi Lovato in 2021. Not only is the pop star releasing a new album, Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over, but she also has a candid multi-part documentary coming to YouTube on March 23rd.

With all the talk about what might be revealed in the documentary, fans haven’t forgotten about a collaboration that was teased earlier this month by Ariana Grande. Speculation ran rampant when Lovato reposted a Grande post on social media that read, “background on a song for a friend.”

At the same time that Grande made her post, Lovato also teased fans about a last-minute collaboration. Fans began calling the potential collaboration “Dariana,” and it now it has been confirmed by the star herself.

When fans DM’d Lovato, she responded with a smiley face emoji. More recently, when asked by The New York Times, Lovato confirmed the collaboration would be featured on her upcoming album set to be released on April 2nd! Make sure to mark the date down so you can be one of the first to listen!