Gwen Stefani Planning To Be “Pretty In Pink” At Her Wedding

Scott Croker | May 20, 2021 11:41 am

After having to wait longer than initially intended, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are finally getting married! Shelton appeared on The Tonight Show recently to discuss the upcoming season finale of The Voice, and of course, he couldn't help but tease his fans with hints about his "I do's."

Shelton and Stefani plan to have their first dance to an '80s song from the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink. Before revealing what track from the movie the dance was going to be, Shelton joked, "I think it's called 'The Wedding March.'"

After the joke, the singer pulled out his phone to make sure he got the answer right - "If You Leave" by OMD. Shelton explained:

"We talked about this. We both love the song. We're both fans of the '80s, why not? Don't you think that would be a great one, though? We've literally talked about that."

Are you excited for Stefani and Shelton to finally get married? Do you think Stefani will wear a pink dress to match her song?