Lady Gaga Duets “Smelly Cat” With Pheobe And We Need It On A Record

Scott Croker | May 27, 2021 12:15 pm

Friends: The Reunion was everything fans were hoping it would be and more. Seventeen years after Ross and Rachel decided to make it last, the gang was brought back together by HBO Max. It wasn’t just the six actors, though, the streamer brought a slew of guests, including Lady Gaga.

At one point during the reunion, Lisa Kudrow was sitting on the couch at Central Perk and started playing “Smelly Cat.” Shortly into the nostalgic performance, Gaga walked in and asked if she needed any help.

The duet was everything we could have dreamed of, with Lady Gaga giving it her all and she let her voice pair, and honestly outshine, Kudrow’s. Of course, the joke on the show was always that Phoebe’s voice wasn’t very good, so that’s not really surprising.

Make sure to check out Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max to see the amazing duet, which we HOPE will make it on a Gaga record someday! There’s also an appearance by BTS!