Eurovision Bounces Back With 183 Million Viewers

Scott Croker | June 1, 2021 11:48 am

After taking a year off, Eurovision roared back in 2021 with an incredible competition that was viewed by 183 million people globally. The European Broadcasting Union released the data today, proving that the legendary musical competition is just as strong as ever.

Eurovision wasn't controversy-free, either. Italian band Måneskin won with their song "Zitti e buoni" and was almost immediately accused of being "under the influence." The band's lead singer took offense to the accusation, which could have easily discredited his powerful performance from the evening.

Måneskin didn't have an easy path starting out in Italy before taking Eurovision by storm. The country isn't known for rock and roll, and as soon as the band began performing they were told they would never have a chance at success, winning one of the most prestigious global music competitions.

Bringing attention back to Eurovision, a band like Måneskin helped bring young viewers back to the show, with an increase of seven percentage points in the 15-24 demographic.

Did you watch any of Eurovision this year? Will you be marking your calendars for its return in 2022?