After Getting Sick, Cardi B Wants To Go Vegan

Scott Croker | December 14, 2021 11:06 am

After dealing with a stomach virus earlier this year and not feeling like she has fully recovered, rapper Cardi B is willing to take big steps for her health. Turning to her fans via social media, she asked:

“I want to go vegan but I love meat.. are vegan meat replacements similar to meat in taste or not really?” When pushed further by fans about her sudden change of heart, she continued:

“I had a stomach virus not so long ago and I feel like my digestive system haven’t been the same. I been drinking probiotics and I don’t see a change much. I be lookin at raw food pages a lot but that will be a huge change for me to do that.”

Do you have any tips for Cardi B as she contemplated a new health path?