Chris Martin Explains How He Helped “Discover” The Weirdos

Scott Croker | June 8, 2022 11:35 am

Who are The Weirdos, you ask? The puppet band created by The Henson shop has been making the rounds recently thanks to Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin’s duet with Weirdos front-puppet Angel Moon. If you’ve been to or watched footage of any recent Coldplay concerts, then you’ve seen the all-felt band that is on track to take over the music industry.

Speaking to Billboard backstage at a sold-out Chicago concert, Martin said, “The Weirdos are a band who we’re trying to help out.” Martin claims he discovered the band as well:

“The way I discovered them was we were working with Angel Moon, this lady… creature… How do I explain this?” he continued, trying to keep a straight face with bandmate Johnny Buckland laughing nearby.

Coldplay will help The Weirdos make their network television debut this Friday on the Tonight Show. Martin is set to perform “Biutyful” from Music of the Spheres, while the band jams with him in support.

Martin also revealed another reason for the collaboration with The Weirdos:

“I think we thought that we’ve sort of come to the end of doing singles as Coldplay. I think we’ve probably basically finished doing that, in general. We can’t go more poppier or single-y than that [BTS collaboration] and that felt good and we’re a bit older now. So we do have songs we want to bring some attention to, but with this we asked the Weirdoes if they would do the song and front it and we would feature.”

Making friends with Coldplay isn’t the only thing The Weirdos have going right for them. They recently signed a “historic” deal with Parlaphone and Atlantic Records that manager Bruce Cakemix described in a press release as, “the biggest step forward in human-alien relations since Close Encounters.”