02 Arena In London Going Vegan For Billie Eilish

Scott Croker | June 9, 2022 11:12 am

In preparing for Billie Eilish's upcoming residency at 02 Arena in London, the venue has agreed to go 100 percent vegan. Beginning today, the transcendent young star will headline six straight shows there as a part of the inaugural Overaheated, a multi-day, climate-focused event.

According to a press release from the event, Overheated will bring together everyone from activists to designers to musicians to, "discuss the climate crisis and the work they are doing to make a difference."

Not only will Eilish headline the event, but she will also open the festivities with an introduction featuring her brother and a keynote address from Ellie Goulding.

Going over its decision to go vegan, 02 Arena posted on its website:

"Within The O2 arena, together with our catering partner, Levy's, we have committed to go 100 percent vegan on food throughout the arena for the Billie Eilish residency. This includes a range of vegan food offerings on concessions and the removal of certain items. The majority of drinks on offer will be vegan. This includes Champagne Lanson, beer and soft drinks. We have replaced milk with vegan alternatives."

Overheated comes shortly after Eilish kicked off her major UK tour, which included her return to Manchester in a live show NME praised as:

"Billie – whose stage presence flits between unstoppable performer and a goofy camp counsellor – seems as comfortable onstage as she's ever been.

"There’s no nervous laughter, no 'shucks-aren’t-you-good-to-me’ small-talk; she knows the command she holds over a crowd. With the talent she’s gleeful to showcase, you always feel immensely privileged to be witnessing someone embrace a role that they fully deserve."