Blondie Releases Lost Demo From Autoamerican Sessions

Scott Croker | July 7, 2022 10:52 am

During the recording sessions for the 1980 album Autoamerican, Blondie was beginning to experiment with their sound. Side A of the vinyl release ended with “Go Through It,” a track wearing its Country influences on its sleeve.

Now, with Blondie set to release the box set Blondie: Against The Odds 1974-1982, previously lost demos and different versions of tracks, including “Go Through It,” are finally finding their way to the masses.

“Go Through It” was originally more punk rock, and was recorded under the title, “I Love You Honey, Give Me a Beer.” This version of the track can be found as a rarity on the upcoming box set, and will even feature the band’s originally intended album artwork.

Before being named Autoamerican, Blondie wanted to call their 1980 album Coca-Cola. The idea came from the album’s themes of Americana and American pop culture. Unsurprisingly, the food giant refused the band’s request, leading them to a local businesses rooftop where the album’s artwork was birthed.

Blondie: Against The Odds 1974-1982 has taken six years to put together and has involved every member of the legendary band. Many of the rarities and early demos appearing on the album, which seemed lost to time, were found in a New York barn owned by founding member Chris Stein.

The box set will feature 124 tracks and 36 previously unreleased songs. It is the first-ever comprehensive music collection ever released by Blondie. Tom Caruso and Steve Rosenthal mixed the boxset.

The biggest Blondie fans will be excited for not just the wealth of tracks being featured in the set, but also the bonus features. Every track will include commentary from the band as well as extensive liner notes written by Erin Osmon. Mike Chapman, Ken Shiply, and Richard Gottehrer also contributed essays for the set.