The 1975 Talk About New Song “Happiness”

Scott Croker | August 4, 2022 12:26 pm

The 1975 just released their second single from their upcoming album Being Funny in a Foreign Language. Lead singer Matty Healy joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss "Happiness" and what it means to him:

"'Happiness' is like… there’s literally loads of us in the room on that track. Locked eyes... doesn’t really have much structure. It came through like jamming. And we haven’t done that in like years. So we just wanted this record to be really like a captured moment and not be too constructed and even produced that much…. We did it in like a day or so. And it’s us having fun. And I think that there’s this real desire in art to see something remarkable with as little technology as possible."

You can listen to the new track and watch the music video below.

Diving more into the upcoming album, Healy talked about working with super producer and Bleachers front man Jack Antonoff:

"I love Jack's work, and those Lana [Del Rey] records, in particular, like, some of my favorite stuff. So we were talking about that. We became friends talking about production and what I was doing and what he was wanting to do and what I was wanting to do. And then I kind of just thought, 'Well, this is like a really nice new energy.' I don’t… because we are so closed, me and George [Daniel], we’ve always been so closed. “Why don’t you like come down to the studio and see what happens?” And then he did. And, then, ever since, we were just great, great friends."

Being Funny in a Foreign Language is set to be released on October 14. The 1975 will hit the road in support of the album beginning in November and ending just before the start of 2023.