Remix-A-Lot: Hot Chip’s “Over And Over”

Anyone who’s seen British act Hot Chip in concert has inevitably turned to their friend and asked, “Why don’t they sound this good on the album?” before going back to strip-mining his or her glo-stick for possible hallucinogens. The stuck-in-time dance single “Over And Over” is a perfect example of a track that gets a lot more oomph on stage, and this Diplo remix (which we cribbed from Dreams Of Horses) does a good job of making “Over And Over” sound better and better with each listen.

Hot Chip – Over And Over (Diplo Remix) [MP3, link expired]

  • Clare

    I saw Hot Chip in Philadelphia earlier this year, and I’d rank it as one of my top three shows EVER. They were incredibly fun and dynamic. The crowd went absolutely wild for “Over and Over.”

    Embarassing admission: Phoenix is another band that’s FANTASTIC live and kinda boring in the studio. They really work with the crowd, change up their songs, and generally have a lot more life and energy. Not that I’ve ever been to see Phoenix live, like, four or five times or anything.