Capitol Records Employees Prepare For Awkward Holiday Party


Today’s Page Six sticks it to Capitol Records honcho Andy “Don’t call me A.C.” Slater, who was the subject of a nasty intra-office letter:

Calling on [EMI execs] to replace Slater, the letter goes on: “We are in constant disbelief of the amount of money spent on these acts who are clearly a step behind what is happening in music . . . We work in constant fear of ‘what Andy wants.’ This man is a control freak . . . How much longer do we need to make sure he is happy – only to then see those choices fail?”

A source, who says the letter represents “dozens” of Capitol employees, told Page Six: “There are core artists like Bonnie Raitt and Roseanne Cash who are just being ignored. The feeling is [Slater] just let them die. Then there are artists like Morning Wood, which is going nowhere.” The source adds that Slater is often unreachable and comes into the office late: “He’s out at night at clubs and partying with girls.”

Partying with girls and ignoring Bonnie Raitt? That’s an actual job? We do that every day! But while we don’t know what the day-to-day situation is like at Capitol–disgruntled and gruntled employees alike can feel free to let us know at–from a roster standpoint, it doesn’t seem that different than what’s going on at every other major label right now: Some crap works (Corrinne Bailey Rae, Yellowcard); some crap doesn’t (Steriogram, The Star Spangles); and a lot of crap just falls in between (like our beloved Van Hunt).

That said, anyone responsible for foisting Morningwood on the world deserves to be held over a ledge. Not dropped, mind you–just given a little “What the hell were you thinking?” dangle.

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