Christgau Once Again Dispensing Consumer-Guide Capsules

Dec 8th, 2006 // 3 Comments

christgau.jpgFormer Village Voice music editor Robert Christgau wrote his last Consumer Guide two weeks before he was fired from the paper; his capsule-review column has found a home on MSN, where it’ll run bimonthly. Today’s inaugural edition contains, among other things, an A-plus for Modern Times, high marks for Crunk Hits, Vol. 2, a user’s guide, uneasiness about Pete Townsend, and a lot of Christmas-song recommendations.

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  1. jetfan

    Speaking of ex-Voicer’s, did you know that Chuck Eddy is now a Senior Editor at Billboard. This presents intriguing possibilities for that Industry instutuion. I wonder what he’ll do there?

  2. Mordy

    I’m so happy there’s a place to read Christgau’s musings again – besides his cluttered website, of course. But can’t they commit to something more frequent than once every 2 months?

  3. 12scoop

    of all the rap comps, crunk hits vol. 2?? Someone needs to direct Mr. Christgau to 125th street…

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