The Britney Spears-George Bush Conspiracy Continues

Mar 14th, 2007 // 2 Comments

bribush.jpgLook, we realize that many of you think our Britney-Bush conspiracy theory–which posits that Spears is paid by the White House to do something zany every time the administration gets into trouble–is a bit over-cooked. But how do you explain the convenient timing between Alberto Gonzales’ legal woes and Britney’s alleged rehab rendezvous with a sub-par rock and roller? If this attorny scandal goes all the way to the top, expect Britney to be found pregnant in Ibiza with the ghost of Don Ameche.

Has Britney Spears found a rehab romance? [MSNBC]
Gonzales: ‘I did make some mistakes’ [CNN]

  1. Hyman Decent

    That MSNBC article says, “Spears, 25, has fallen for Jason Filyaw, the 33-year-old lead guitarist of the rock band Riva, reports the [National Enquirer].” Here’s the band’s MySpace:

  2. 30f

    In Brazil, the government trains the kids as future pop/rock/hip-hop stars so that when the president needs a distracting scandal, they have someone under contract.

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