Keith Richards Falls Out Of The Coconut Tree, Into A Pile Of Publishing Money

Jul 31st, 2007 // 11 Comments

The bidding war for Keith Richards’ autobiography has ended, and Little, Brown will shell out a reported $7.3 million to the rights for Keef’s life story, which he’ll write with White Mischief author James Fox. While $7.3 million might seem like a hefty figure to anyone who hasn’t looked at the Rolling Stones’ ticket prices lately, it’s probably fair to say that the first-person account of Keith being trepanned–in Richards’ words, “having your fucking skull cut open” and allowing a neurosurgeon to see the thoughts “flying around” within–is probably worth at least a couple of bucks. (Why said neurosurgeon hasn’t been pursued by publishers yet is beyond me.) And hey, perhaps he’ll go through the experience again, despite previous disavowals, since the book isn’t slated to come out until 2010.

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  1. depardoo

    Stuck my thumb in someone else’s pie/
    Been hungry, it ain’t no crime.

  2. CheekyBreastfeedingMonkey

    In ancient times trepanning was performed on people with mental illnesses to drive out evil spirits from their heads. I guess when the books comes out we’ll see if it worked on Keef.

  3. Michaelangelo Matos

    wait–James Fox is the name of the lead actor who played opposite Mick Jagger in Performance. CREEPY

  4. Scout

    Keith Richards’ continuing survival is a quantum leap in the evolution of human respiration.

  5. McBrick

    White Mischief, both the book and movie, are awesome. Keith Richards is the man, for any confirmation of his Alpha status in the Stones, see Godard’s “Sympathy for the Devil”. In fact take some mushrooms, watch both sympathy for the devil and white mischief with Greta Saachi, get a transfusion of about 8 quarts of your blood and read David Lee Roth’s Crazy from the Heat. This should give a approximation of the Keith Richards autobiography.

  6. Toastgod

    I’ve been online and hungry for too long. I saw “Keith Richards Falls Out of The Coconut Tree” and immediately thought that he had become the third member of this week’s Bergman-Antonioni death triangle.

  7. Phineas Poe

    Pictures of Keith Richards with good teeth give me the willies.

  8. Fishnets and Cigarettes★

    Can he actually remember anything?

  9. Sid

    It’s incredible that none of the Rolling Stones have died, and only half the Beatle are still alive. And out of all of them, why was John Lennon the first to go? Maybe the Beatles should have shown a little sympathy for the devil.

  10. Anonymous

    $7.3 million, huh. Wow. That’s mountain of cash accumulated from sold copies of The Tipping Point chunked down to foot the future meth tab of a greybeard rocker with a blanked-out brainpan.

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