Jive Records Officially Stops Trying

Oct 25th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Or are they trying too hard? It’s so hard to tell with this latest ad for Britney Spears’ Blackout, which eschews current footage–the minute-long clip contains about six seconds of footage from the strippertastic video for “Gimme More”–in favor of beating America over the head with old imagery of their fallen star.

Like the last commercial for the album, this ad has layers and layers of meta attached to it, although the overall mood doesn’t seem angry as much as it seems mournful; come to think of it, this may be the first tribute video for someone that pays homage to an artist while only using footage and music from that person. My only question to the folks at Jive: Why are you bothering? Surely anyone who’s gonna know about the album knows about it already. Are you just that bored that you have to fire up iMovie and create homages to the Britters that once was?

Britney Spears Blackout Sizzle Reel [YouTube]


  1. Anonymous

    The “YouTube” sizzle reel is nothing I’ve ever seen. So despite your commentary that it’s the record label’s – my guess is this is a clever “fan” sizzle reel. The Emmy nod is certainly not real and gives it away. Nice looking try by a fan though. BTW – BLACKOUT THE ALBUM IS HOTTT!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Phaballa obviously is an armchair QB at the record industry and how they “let” JC out of his deal. Having looked at his/her past posts – someone who follows the N’Sync camp closely. JC is a very talented vocalist without A&R direction – his first LP was a risk taking failure financially speaking and the timing was horrendous for him to put it out. He sold slightly less albums than Jennifer Love Hewitt that year. While JC changed philosophy’s – and had some minor tracks worthy of keeping, there was nothing to cut through today’s music market clutter from what I hear. Trust this sage when I say, he didn’t just walk away – no record company will forgive a financial committment that easily – should he sign elsewhere (probably Atlantic), they’ll have to “buy out” at a certain level costs incurred. In addtion, for this person to say Jive quit trying “long” ago – obviously doesn’t know the business or artist roster – Chris Brown, Britney, R. Kelly, Usher, Outkast, Ciara, T-Pain to name a few (Pink too). So, slam them over one of your favs not making the cut, but you can’t blame the label for not trying – you just don’t know. I’m a Britney fan (not fanatic and P.S. Blackout is THAT Good. Buy it!!

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