Fall Out Boy’s Thighs: Because Naked Fergie Wasn’t Enough Today

Nov 14th, 2007 // 11 Comments

thighmasta.jpgSo Maura and Kate are going to the Fall Out Boy concert at Madison Square Garden tonight. If it’s anything like Alex’s trip to the Pete Wentz signing this week, they’ll be surrounded by teenagers half-deranged with the horny, screaming like flipped-open Pez dispensers. That should be fun, right? Side note: Did you know that there’s a whole site devoted to Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump’s thighs? I didn’t either, until a kindly reader pointed us in its direction. And when I considered that today I had already seen fake Fergie labia and Bon Jovi giving LeAnn Rimes butterfly kisses, I figured what the hell and clicked. On the plus side, I’ve decided against joining a gym. On the negative, I’ve suffered some sort of retinal damage. Um, there’s also a FOB thigh-related video after the jump if you (by which I mean this guy) dare.

Patrick’s Thighs [LiveJournal; HT: Colleen Deel]
Ode To Patrick’s Thighs [YouTube]


  1. narymary

    I like that a dude with some meat on his bones is getting some love over scrawny Pete Wentz.

    That being said, I really wish FOB would dry up and blow away already.

  2. silkyjumbo


  3. gofreescout

    @narymary: Totally. My favorite quote: “I have no clue why, he thinks he’s fat. He’s fucking gorgeous.”

  4. loudersoft

    The secret is that it’s really a community dedicated to what’s between his thighs, but that would be stating the obvious.

  5. twenty-four hour priapism

    The Knicks one night and Fall Out Boy the next. How do they ever get the stink of shit out of that place?

  6. Bob Loblaw

    @i have the autograph of wally backman: Dedicated MSG interns.

  7. scarletvirtue

    @loudersoft: Heh. Most of the young fangirls would rather not acknowledge that! It was probably bad enough for their collective psyches to have seen what’s between Pete Wentz’s thighs.

  8. scarletvirtue

    @narymary: Yeah … I’ve got a boy-crush on Patrick. Then again, I tend to like boys that aren’t stick-thin skinny.

  9. Lucas Jensen

    @scarletvirtue: Me, too. I like that he’s getting the love. There’s hope for me yet. Now back to the Deep Space Nine DVDs.

  10. loudersoft

    @scarletvirtue: He’s so drEaMO.

  11. scarletvirtue

    @Lucas Jensen: Heh – enjoy the DVDs! I’ll be looking for the next “Patrick Stump Stole My Gay” meeting.

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