Who Knew That You Could Tango To Fall Out Boy?

Nov 20th, 2007 // 6 Comments

I’ll admit that I’m pretty much unaware of Dancing With The Stars beyond the fact that it pulls in boatloads of viewers, although this clip–in which Jennie Garth and Derek Hough do, indeed, engage in a rigorous tango to the strains of “The Take Over, The Break’s Over”–is making me think that it’s for the best.

Between the My Chemical Romance-inspired outfits, the karaoke-on-cough-syrup cover (so as to better make the dance “dramatic,” I guess, although this cover is seriously veering into “you ruined my favorite song” territory), and the fact that Garth and Hough seem to be either in “jazzhands-face mode” or trying to prevent themselves from cracking up, I was in a full-body cringe for pretty much the entire minute and 46 seconds. Is it camp? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s the new brand of camp that’s designed to get an instantaneous rise out of, uh, blogger types so as to increase “visibility” for the show. Which, of course, leads to the inevitable denouement where all of American popular culture nicks its concepts of “linearity” and “cohesion” from the 2007 Video Music Awards. Suddenly, the idea of the blipvert seems so… benign.

  1. Rob Murphy

    Okay, that was odd.

    I wonder what percentage of the audience — both live and at home — could identify the artist or song.

  2. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    My mom asked me who it was then shook her head and said it sucked. I said because it was a slower version, without Patrick.

    I liked the version of Personal Jesus that Scary Spice had last week or whatever. I also had to tell my mom it was Depeche Mode.

    I need to stop having conversations about music with my mother.

  3. Tauwan

    Now I am not an avid Dancing with the Stars fan, but I do find myself wrapped up in it’s bloated “goodness” from time to time. Mainly because my G-Ma is all about it on some “I’m executive producer/I’mma give out DWTS hats and jackets for Christmas gifts” type shit…” And let me tell you, this is not the first song that they have butchered. Don’t even get me started. It’s what they do. So you think you can dance adds music to my library, Dancing With the Stars makes me want to never do karaoke or listen to some of my favorite songs ever again.

  4. jus10j

    I was watching it, because my girlfriend wanted to. Right as the song began, I literally went “OH NO” and covered my ears. It was slow, vocally butchered, and the choreography was, in fact, stupid. Poor Jennie. So hot. Now, so gone.

    That performance of the song is near the top of my “Worst Ruinings” list.

  5. sequined

    I don’t think the dance and song were well paired. Or maybe it was a disastrous idea in the first place; the choreography is awkward.

    But don’t mind me; I loooove being overly critical of dancers. Those who can’t do, criticize. Right?

  6. Anonymous

    The choreography wasn’t that great, but it could’ve been worse.

    That cover was HORRIBLE. I think they even messed up a line towards the end!

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