A Soulja Boy Mea Culpa

souljaboyyyyyy.jpgDear Soulja Boy, I’m sorry if my initial post on your new single “Yahh” seemed somewhat dismissive. Over the last week I have come to understand it is actually the first great song of 2008. What confused me at first was its basic resemblance to all your other terrible singles, but I finally understood its unique power when I realized I had been walking around for days unconsciously shouting “YAHH!” and scaring the dog. My bad. Love, Jess. P.S. YAHHGADAYAHGADAYAHH. [Idolator]

  • ImFeedingMattDamon

    Can we add him to your embargo list along with Amy’s extra-medicational activities?

  • sparkletone

    Oh, Jess. No. No.

    Oh, whatever. Fuck it. Beat, join, them, etc.


  • Christopher R. Weingarten

    @jess: Dear Soulja Boy, I’m sorry if–YAHHH TRICK YAHHH

  • Maura Johnston

    I have to say, Soulja Boy has certainly had a huge effect on pretty much every IM conversation I’ve had since, oh, September or so.

  • lucasg

    man, i am glad too see this spreading like wildfire. if there is anything the youth of this great nation need, it’s more hollerin’.

  • Tenno

    Too bad you guys are closin’ the shirt shop, that there is prime shirt hatery: YAH TRICK YAHH!

  • Nicolars

    From a message board I frequent:

    I met Ice-T today. He is truly awesome.

    And at one point he declared that “Soulja boy killed rap music.”

  • Anonymous