A Soulja Boy Mea Culpa

Jan 24th, 2008 // 8 Comments

souljaboyyyyyy.jpgDear Soulja Boy, I’m sorry if my initial post on your new single “Yahh” seemed somewhat dismissive. Over the last week I have come to understand it is actually the first great song of 2008. What confused me at first was its basic resemblance to all your other terrible singles, but I finally understood its unique power when I realized I had been walking around for days unconsciously shouting “YAHH!” and scaring the dog. My bad. Love, Jess. P.S. YAHHGADAYAHGADAYAHH. [Idolator]


  1. ImFeedingMattDamon

    Can we add him to your embargo list along with Amy’s extra-medicational activities?

  2. sparkletone

    Oh, Jess. No. No.

    Oh, whatever. Fuck it. Beat, join, them, etc.


  3. Christopher R. Weingarten

    @jess: Dear Soulja Boy, I’m sorry if–YAHHH TRICK YAHHH

  4. Maura Johnston

    I have to say, Soulja Boy has certainly had a huge effect on pretty much every IM conversation I’ve had since, oh, September or so.

  5. lucasg

    man, i am glad too see this spreading like wildfire. if there is anything the youth of this great nation need, it’s more hollerin’.

  6. Tenno

    Too bad you guys are closin’ the shirt shop, that there is prime shirt hatery: YAH TRICK YAHH!

  7. Nicolars

    From a message board I frequent:

    I met Ice-T today. He is truly awesome.

    And at one point he declared that “Soulja boy killed rap music.”

  8. Anonymous


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