Time To Get With The Charlie Wilson Program, People


While it seems that having T-Pain on your track is enough to drive a song to the top these days, apparently that axiom doesn’t quite apply to 55-year-old Charlie Wilson, formerly of the Gap Band. America, you’ve let 2 Pistols have a moment in the sun–it’s time to give some love to Uncle Charlie. (Wait, that doesn’t sound exactly like I had intended.)

No. 80 on the R&B charts? The 83rd-most-played song on urban radio? We can do better. It’s hard, for me at least, to understand what’s not to like about this song. Charlie sounds great, the track is the weird synth heavy R&B we expect from T-Pain, and he compares a woman to a Lamborghini. Sounds like the formula for a hit. An album is supposed to follow this year, but understanding how tied album release dates can be to the performance of the first single (hello, Amerie!), this might be a bad sign. Let’s not let the ageists win. A win for Charlie Wilson is a win for the world.

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