Is Beyonce Going To Hang Up Her Hair Extensions?

AP080210031805.jpgNow that she’s maybe married, Beyonce has decided to retire from performing. Maybe! Beyonce’s cousin, Angelica, got her name into the papers by blabbing to a New York Daily News source that B’s next album will be her last. Instead of singing, the former Destiny’s Child leader will scout out talent for her possibly-husband Jay-Z’s The Carter Group, which is rumored to be backed by Live Nation. It’s like a Jenga game of half-truths, this item! And I can’t help but wonder what all the female artists on Columbia Records who were forced into the fifth-fiddle spot by Beyonce and Solange must think of it, given that any female “talent” within the Knowles’ orbit was usually rewarded with pushed-back albums and not-as-forceful promotion. [NY Daily News / Photo: AP]

  • Al Shipley

    It would be pretty hilarious if she ‘retired’ for 3 years and then went right back to making an albums.

  • Anonymous

    @Al Shipley: Um no, that would be horrific.

  • Anonymous

    @HONEYBFLY: And yet I guarantee that’s the business plan her husband and father have worked out for her. It (kinda) worked for Jay, right?

    BTW, there’s nothing horrific about B making more albums. It’s Rihanna you should be afraid of.

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  • Kelsey

    I wasn’t aware she wore extensions. I thought she always had on weaves.