Is Beyonce Going To Hang Up Her Hair Extensions?

Apr 15th, 2008 // 5 Comments

AP080210031805.jpgNow that she’s maybe married, Beyonce has decided to retire from performing. Maybe! Beyonce’s cousin, Angelica, got her name into the papers by blabbing to a New York Daily News source that B’s next album will be her last. Instead of singing, the former Destiny’s Child leader will scout out talent for her possibly-husband Jay-Z’s The Carter Group, which is rumored to be backed by Live Nation. It’s like a Jenga game of half-truths, this item! And I can’t help but wonder what all the female artists on Columbia Records who were forced into the fifth-fiddle spot by Beyonce and Solange must think of it, given that any female “talent” within the Knowles’ orbit was usually rewarded with pushed-back albums and not-as-forceful promotion. [NY Daily News / Photo: AP]


  1. Al Shipley

    It would be pretty hilarious if she ‘retired’ for 3 years and then went right back to making an albums.

  2. Anonymous

    @Al Shipley: Um no, that would be horrific.

  3. Anonymous

    @HONEYBFLY: And yet I guarantee that’s the business plan her husband and father have worked out for her. It (kinda) worked for Jay, right?

    BTW, there’s nothing horrific about B making more albums. It’s Rihanna you should be afraid of.

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  5. I wasn’t aware she wore extensions. I thought she always had on weaves.

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