1. jopari actually likes the G1, thank you very much.

    Ugh, that “She looked at me” stuff is kinda weird and creepy.

    In related news: when I was at the Conor Oberst show the other week he kept staring at me. I finally got tired of it and moved.

  2. Anonymous

    Holy crap, I lived in the same dorm as that guy.

  3. MayhemintheHood

    I was at the Anaheim House of Blues show, and while I hadn’t heard more than 2 songs from She and Him, I was blown away. I can see why the dude is an obsessed dandy.

  4. Tauwan

    Thank you for reminding me to press play on this album tonight. It’s got some sweet gems on it.

  5. brownham

    she and him are the most boring shit EVERRRR

    if she wasn’t cute and famous this album would have gone NOWHERE


  6. iantenna

    @brownham: thank you. as much as i am in love with her this record was nearly impossible to get through. and i love m. ward too. this was a record that should have been amazing and fell so fucking short it was beyond disappointing. still love you thought zooey!

  7. MayhemintheHood

    @brownham: @iantenna: Huh…I hadn’t heard the record before seeing them but the live show kicked ass.

    I never want to admit it, but I seriously have no idea who M. Ward is. I see his name around a lot but also had never heard any of his stuff until I saw Him with She.

    They did a rad cover “you really got a hold on me” and won me over for good.

  8. Richaod

    Why is the camera out of focus for the ENTIRE duration of the song?…

  9. Oldboy

    Alright, Molls—back in action. You go, girl!

  10. mrhepburn


    i have two questions for you:

    whats the weather like up there on that pedestal?


    who really goes to a Conor Oberst show and then complains about “him staring at” you? thats kind of like going to a Rush concert and complaining about the vocals. i mean, really? who does that? do you go up to newborn children and tell them to wipe the smile off their faces? do you feel the overwhelming urge to shit all over everything all the time? i’m just asking.

  11. mrhepburn


    we were way at the back.

  12. mrhepburn


    holy. fucking. shit. how the fuck are you, mark?

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